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“Stupid blue door why can’t you just be like all the others”. These thoughts often flooded Lena’s mind when she came home. Lena’s father painted the door of their house blue while all the others on the reservation were white. Jeannette C. Armstrong the author of Blue Against White clearly shows that Lena is troubled with the life pressure of being different. Immaturity wants assimilation maturity supports individualism.

Lena leaves the reservation for schooling in the city. She finds that she feels outcaste and alone. Lena wants to fit in with the majority this probably is pressure that she is faced with often while she is amongst her peers. Lena is facing a common pressure that all students and youth feel unsure of ones self so she try’s to cover up her fears of being unsure of her self by trying to be like the majority. These Tremendous pressures all relate back to her insecurity of the blue door back home a sign of where and who she is.

Government worker built the reservation houses all the same is this because they wanted it to be cheaper or to make the first nation population feel the pressure to move into the towns and cities and become more like the Caucasian man. Government has been the number one supporter of assimilation of all time in 1985 the residential schools were opened these schools had first nation youth forced to attend they were taught that they were no good and there heritage was no good and they should be like how they wanted them to be. Lena often felt the pressures that the Government has emplaced upon her living in the reservations where dogs ran freely in the roads the houses were all the same.

What can control thousands of people what gives hippies the power to protest, gives the common man a feeling of strength and acceptance? The media has been our main source of entertainment for many years. What better weapon than something everyone uses music the most popular form of media has been used to support war such as Drowning...
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