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When driving behind a bus, you should

• keep a longer following distance.
• keep the normal following distance.
• keep more to the right to have a
better view.

FTT – Road Safety Category


When you are driving along a main
road, you should
• stop at every road junction before
• accelerate through each junction.

• check every side road before you
drive past them.
FTT – Road Safety Category


You notice a vehicle trying to pull out
between a row of stationary vehicles.
You should
• drive on regardless of danger ahead.
• sound the horn and maintain your

• slow down and be prepared to stop.
FTT – Road Safety Category


When you are approaching a stationary
vehicle with a driver in it, you should
• drive past him quickly so as not to
obstruct him.
• slow down a little because he may
move out suddenly.
• drive at the same speed because it is
his duty to check passing traffic.

FTT – Road Safety Category


When driving a car you are not familiar
with, you should first test
• how fast it can go in the 1st gear.
• how much space it requires to make a

• how effective its brakes are.

FTT – Road Safety Category


Before opening your car door, you
should look out for
• passers-by and other motor vehicles.
• cyclist and motorcyclist.

• all the above.

FTT – Road Safety Category


If the foot-brake pedal moves all the
way to the floor, it is a sign that the footbrake
• is working.

• may be faulty.
• is normal.

FTT – Road Safety Category


If the medicines prescribe by the doctor
are likely to affect your driving, you
• drive only if someone is with you.

• not drive yourself.
• avoid driving on the expressway.

FTT – Road Safety Category


If you are feeling very tired and sleepy
whilst driving on an expressway, you

• make an exit and stop at a safe place
to rest.
• stop at the road shoulder to rest.
• switch on hazard lights and drive
slowly along the road shoulder.
FTT – Road Safety Category


There is a slow moving motorcyclist
ahead of you. You are not sure what the
rider is going to do, you should
• pass on the left.
• pass on the right.

• stay behind.

FTT – Road Safety Category


Head-on collisions can actually happen

• any place.
• straight road only.
• junctions and on bends only.

FTT – Road Safety Category


How does a school warden signals you
to stop ?

• By displaying a stop sign.
• By giving you a hand signal.
• By pointing to children on the
opposition pavement.
FTT – Road Safety Category


If you saw a sign indicating road repairs
are going on, you should
• stop immediately and wait for

• slow down and watch out for traffic
controllers and instructions.
• maintain the same speed.
FTT – Road Safety Category


What is the best choice you have to do
at the first sign of drowsiness ?
• Slow down and continue at a constant

• Let fresh air gets into the car and at
the first opportunity, stop and rest.
• Continue to drive and try to keep
FTT – Road Safety Category


When approaching a built-up area, you
• drive at the same speed.

• reduce your speed.
• increase your speed.

FTT – Road Safety Category


When being glared or blinded by the
sunlight, you should
• use a cap or hat.

• use your sun visor or wear sun
• look at the left kerb.

FTT – Road Safety Category


When driving a car you are not familiar
with, you should check
• The light and brake.
• The steering.

• All of the above.

FTT – Road Safety Category


When driving along, you should
• stop at every junction before
proceeding further.
• accelerate to pass junctions quickly.

• check every side road before...
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