Fuel Efficient Cars

Topics: Automobile, Internal combustion engine, Gasoline Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: July 17, 2008
What consumers will gain when manufacturers provide more fuel-efficient cars?

Today, we have many different kinds of cars to choose. They have different sizes, colors, prices and models. When we buy an automobile, we look for the best auto to satisfy our needs like going to the store. Manufacturers provide more cars to help us in our needs. When manufactures provide more fuel-efficient autos, consumers save money, gas, and time. A fuel-efficient car will help us saved money. I mean think about it the average person spends about $400 dollars a month on gas now a days, if you really think about I'm quite sure you find something else to use $400 dollars for. For example manufacturers say that by buying a fuel-efficient automobile like a Hybrid you can get up to 30 miles per gallon. Now just looking at that, you have just saved at least half of your money that you would have used on gas because you're not using as much gas as you would have without a fuel- efficient vehicle. Sounds great to me! A more fuel-efficient car will help us save gas. Gas prices have increased because all the hurricanes that happen in the United States and the country are running low of fuel. A gallon of gas is around $ 4.01 and the prices might change pretty soon. Manufacturers have made is so that the engine of a fuel-efficient auto is smaller and will consume less gas. They have also made it to where the gas last longer in a fuel-efficient auto oppose to a non fuel-efficient auto. Most people need an auto to go to work, attend school, or to go shopping and all this traveling will use a lot of gas. The less gas our car consumes the better our environment will be. A more fuel-efficient car will help us save time. Time is very important in our lives. Most people have a busy schedule; they are occupied working or attending school. Although putting gas in our autos does not take that much time, we need that time to make on time to our destination. Sometimes gas stations are very busy and...
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