Ganesh Chaturthi

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1. Gulf News article on “Tight security for Ganesh immersion” 2. Evaluation and analysis of the article
3. Gulf News article on “Of virtue, vice and a Vatican priest” 4. Evaluation and analysis of the article

In the article the celebrations of Ganesh Chaturthi’s security is mentioned. Ganesh is the son of Shiva and his wife Parvati. Ganesh was born looking like a boy and then when Ganesh interfered between his father Shiva and his mother Parvati, Shiva cut off Ganesh's head in anger. To make up for this, Shiva gave Ganesh the head of an elephant. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Lord Ganesha, the Hindu god who is believed to be powerful enough to eliminate all obstacles. Falling in the months of August and September, this is one of the festivals which Hindus celebrate with great zeal and enthusiasm. This event lasts for 10 days, ending on the day of 'Ananta Chaturdashi'. Lord Ganesha is a deity who bestows good fortune, wisdom, success and prosperity. He destroys one`s sorrows and obstacles accumulated over the past and grants a new lease of life. A life-like clay model of Lord Ganesha is made 2-3 months prior to the day of Ganesh Chaturthi. The priest is then called in to invoke life into the statue by chanting mantras and performing rituals. The Deity of Lord Ganesha is worshipped for ten days and on the eleventh day the statue is taken in a procession through the streets escorted with a fanfare of singing and dancing and the procession flock the street with the chanting, 'Ganapati Bappa Morya' (famous slogan praising Lord Ganesha). It is finally immersed in the sea or a river symbolizing a ritual in which Lord Ganesha takes a journey towards his abode, taking along the troubles of his devotees. This ritual is known as Ganesh Visarjan As per Hindu tradition when the Puja is completed the idols should be immersed (Visarjan) in water unless you worship a God in the form of an idol in a temple, performing their daily Pujas etc because to keep an idol for more number of days special daily Pujas has to be offered. So as per the custom idols are immersed in the nearest water body (all rivers, lakes and the sea which are sacred to Hindus).

Another reason is that after the celebrations, it is time to accept the eternal cosmic law which took a shape has to become formless again. It is a never ending cycle (Chakra). The idols are made from clay and it has to become clay again. It is also said that the Gods after the pujas go back to their Heavenly abode and for this reason they are immersed

According to the article Pope Francis is expanding the views of the Vatican financial system. The Catholic Church has a hierarchy, just as any other structured environment. Having a hierarchy helps the Church lead the faithful at local and increasingly higher levels. The parish is at the most basic level, followed by the diocese, the archdiocese, and then the Church. Christ made Peter the leader of the apostles and of the church. In giving Peter the “keys of the kingdom,” Christ not only made him leader, but also made him perfect when he acted or spoke as Christ’s representative on earth (speaking from the seat of authority). Peter was the first pope. This ability was passed on to Peter’s successors, thus giving the church an infallible guide on earth.

The Pope Francis is the Bishop of Rome and the leader of the worldwide Catholic Church. The office of the Pope is the papacy. The pope is also head of state of Vatican City, a sovereign city-state entirely cooperative within the Italian capital city of Rome. Pope Francis is the reigning pope of the Catholic Church, in which capacity he is both Bishop of Rome and absolute sovereign of the Vatican City State Pope Francis I, has duties both political and religious. The pope meets with heads of state and maintains...
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