Gas Prices

Topics: Automobile, Transport, Van Pages: 1 (288 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Does money really grow on trees or is that just a saying? People say they never have money to buy for example new shoes that coast around eighty dollars but they could spend over a hundred on gas. I mean c’mon man; you honestly don’t need to drive your car everywhere you go. The reason for having a car is to get you from point A to point B and that’s it, no pit stops or a last minute party that you herd was suppose to be bad ass from a person you met 5 minutes ago. Gas is one of the main key for transportations but the way gas prices are going up we should just sell our cars on other things like food, people are getting fat anyhow might as well start early. People should start blowing up all the cars in the US...chanting gas prices needs to go down! It’s so bad that wherever you're going this summer it could possibly be cheaper to mail your car.

Since gas is becoming an issue, there have been major shifts in the driving habits of most U.S citizens while family budgets are being squeezed. Some have even considered purchasing cars that save on fuel, as well as, merge most of their daily activities to cut back on fuel costs. Most Americans think that there is no possible solution in the near future that would bring down gas prices, not with the current political instability in most of the oil producing countries. Us as people can’t even buy our children what they want when Christmas or when their birthday comes around because all the money is going to that big old tank in the minivan.
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