Gregory Of Tours

Topics: Baptism, Christianity, Catholic Church Pages: 2 (838 words) Published: December 9, 2013
The Gregory of Tours text can provide you with much information on how people of the sixth century lived. The text can also provide much information about the practices of certain religions during the medieval period especially Christianity. The text reveals much information about the Western European Christians that lived during the sixth century. Throughout the stories from the text you will find numerous examples that display the practices, values, and various other beliefs of these early Christians. Christians in the sixth century had many practices that are similar to today’s churches. There were also many different practices used back then that are not used today by altered churches. The seven sacraments of Christianity are very important to its religion. As marriage being one of the holy seven sacraments, Christians are to take this and all the sacraments seriously. It was normal for Christians to get married very quickly in the sixth century. From the first short story in the Gregory text, there was a man named Lopus who had a brother that essentially arranged a marriage him. Never seeing each other before, Lopus’s brother then arranged a day for the couple to meet and exchange wedding gifts. Although his brother’s intentions were not for the right reasons, the couple went off to live in the town of Chinon. A practice in the Christian faith that was done back during the sixth century and still practiced today is the process of a man must undergo of progressing through the ranks of the church. In other words, this was the required amount of work and experience one would need to have to have to rise higher in the church as such as becoming a bishop from previously being a priest. In an example from the Gregory of Tours text, the current Bishop of Nantes was very ill and thought he was going to die. He wanted his young nephew to replace him when he deceased. Soon after other bishops of the region consented for him to become his replacement, the nephew...
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