Having a Job to Love

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Megan McDonald
English 95
2 December 2012
Having a Job too love
I was born to be someone special, someone talented, someone people would one day look back and remember. When I was younger, I remember sitting in my 1st grade class looking at a sheet of paper with only one question listed: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Unlike every other kid in my class who wrote down either “Ballerina,” “Astronaut,” and “Cowboy,” I wrote down “Musician.” Now that I’m to the point where it’s time to choose my career path, the only difference from 1st grade and now is that I want to be a music educator, director, and composer. These days, a Music Educator makes a decent annual salary, has a great work environment, and the educational requirements aren’t as strenuous and long as some of the educational requirements are for other career paths. In this day and age, not very many people have the opportunity to turn something they’ve been passionately involved with all their lives, and turn it into a career they love. I’d rather have a career that provides me with a job that I love coming to every day, than a job that I was forced to settle with and hate.

The job description of a music educator solely depends on what kind type of music educator you want to be. For me, I want to be a University educator. A university educator focuses on teaching students who are serious about pursuing a path in music. But that teaching can take on many different forms. Some are vocal coaches, some teach instruments, some teach music theory, and some do a combination of different types of teaching. A University music teacher works on a college campus, most likely in a classroom. Annually they make about $45k-$182k in salary, which include benefits. Not only does their annual salary depend on whether the teacher is working part time or full time, but also their hours. Typically, a university teacher works full time which is on average 40 hours a week, but sometimes they work...

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