Hearing Impairement

Topics: Hearing impairment, Audiogram, Cochlea Pages: 3 (783 words) Published: June 7, 2013
A review of research on hearing impaired students in higher institution reveals a significant body of knowledge about the barriers these students face in gaining access to information in the classroom. Much less is known about the potential solutions to these problems. In addition, there is a dearth of research on the effectiveness of such support services as interpreting, note taking, real-time capturing, and tutoring, particularly with regards to their impact on academic achievement. This literature summarizes relevant contributions by various authors on the general concepts of hearing impaired students, challenges of hearing impaired students and the effective strategies for communication with and teaching of hearing impaired students in tertiary institutions. Concept of Hearing Impairment

The term, hearing impairment, hard of hearing and deaf are understood differently in different places. According to the Journal of Issue in Special Education (ISSE), (2011), the following definitions have now been agreed upon: Hearing Impairment: This is an umbrella concept which includes all degree of hearing loss. Deafness: This refers to hearing impairment, which is so severe that the person cannot maintain adaptive contact with the surrounding. The person is unable to utilize his/her residual hearing. Hard of Hearing: A person who is hard of hearing can utilize his/her hearing without aid to maintain adaptive contact with the surrounding.

The Ad Hoc Committee to define Deaf and Hard of Hearing of the Conference of Executives of American Schools for the Deaf (1975) in Baur and Shea (1989) defined hearing disability as partial or total incapability to hear sounds due to an impairment of the auditory system. This Committee suggests the use of hearing impairment as a generic term indicating a hearing disability that may range in severity from mild to profound. Hearing impairment subsumes the terms deaf and hard of hearing.Baur and Shea (1989).

The Ad Hoc...
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