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Project 2 – Heirloom Solutions Seed Catalog
Heirloom Solutions is a company dedicated to provide the World with seeds that have not been tampered with and of God’s original creation. They are a company that takes its responsibility of protecting the seeds from changing in the structural design that God created the seeds in. Beyond their main focus to keep the seeds pure, is to also combat large and powerful companies from taking complete control and ultimately making pure seeds extinct by the use of hybrid or genetically modified seeds.

My analysis of “Heirloom Solutions” is a company that is not only protecting God’s creation but is also looking out for the well-being of mankind by providing a product that is healthier and will keep producing results for the customer. I find it intriguing how this company has been able to prevent the interference of seed manipulation and have been able to fight the larger companies from buying them out or blocking them to where their profits are too low to maintain operations. Heirloom Solutions has not only found a niche but has been able to find a way to give back to society by providing unaltered seeds for food production. Their not only preserving God’s creation but are also helping people to lower grocery bills, provide better food, and are providing education for those that wish to become a do-it-yourself gardener. The way the seeds are packaged allow for them to be stored for later use and since these seeds are not genetically modified, the food will produce seeds which means you no longer have to buy more. This article has made me reevaluate the food that is provided to my family and has opened my eyes to gardening. My wife and I will attempt to build a garden of our own next year and we plan to use Heirloom Solutions to provide us with the seeds to accomplish our goals.
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