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Schindler’s List
Set the Scene
Schindlers List is a film based on a true story. It is about a man called Oskar Schindler who saved the lives of 11—Jewish people during the Second World War. Schindler was a factory owner who used Jewish slave labour to earn himself a fortune. Gradually, he comes to realise what is happening to his workers as we see the building of the Concentration Camp, the liquidation of the Krakow Ghetto and the transportation of his workface to Auschwitz. The film is shot in black and white and is regarded as Director Steven Spielberg’s greatest film. Scenes

Scene 1- Schindler tries to find his accountant, Itzak Stern, on a train. This is the opening scene. Schindler was pacing up and down the train station trying to find his accountant, Itzak Stern because he has just been told that Itzak is on ‘the list’. Shouting out orders, demanding to find Itzak Stern, he then orders guards to help him and after a while he finds his Jewish accountant. As viewers of the film and historians, we realise that Itzak Stern was on ‘the list’ and about to be sent to a death camp by train, as he was Jewish. The film then moved into a warehouse, guards and Jews are searching Jewish luggage to look for valuable belongings to sell to compensate for the wars expenses. What we appreciate from this scene is, Oskar Schindler is powerful, gets what he wants but also selfish as he stated a quote that portrayed that he only saved Stern because of the inconvenience it would have brought him. The reliability of this scene is good as in the memory of the camps we were shown a train with numerous Jews on being sent to a death camp. Also records and ‘artefacts’ have proved that Itzak Stern was a real person and was Schindlers accountant. I have researched numerous sources like http://www.history.co.uk/explore-history/ww2/appeasement.html and discovered that in WW2 they did sell jewish belongings, this contributes to this scenes reliability. Scene 2-The arrival of Amon Goeth (The Camp Commandant.)

In Scene 2 the scene is set in Krakow ghetto. Amon lines up numerous women to choose one for a job as his maid, he speaks to them in a powerful tone. After a process of rhetorical questions Goeth chooses his maid and moves on. He then has sociable talk with an S.S Officer to be interrupted by another S.S officer shouting about a Jewish civil engineer complaining about the structure of a building. The impression we get is Goeth doesn’t like the engineers tone and orders her to be shot; an S.S officer obliges and shoots the women dead. What we can conclude about this scene is Goeth is portrayed as cold, brutal and evil. The engineer almost threatens Goeth with her intelligence, Goeth then reacts and kills the intelligent women. Another thing which is portrayed is the S.S officers speak to the Jews as they are objects not people and anything which is portrayed to be a human characteristic for example an opinion on something or somebody, the officers will kill that person as they feel threatened.The reliability on this scene is good as from documents we know Amon Goeth is real as he was killed September 13th 1946 aged 37 , we also know through maps and pictures etc that Krakow Ghetto existed. The brutality of the S.S officers is also true as in ‘Memory of Camps’ this is portrayed in the liquidation scene. Another source like Boy in Striped Pyjamas shows brutality like when they are lining them up to go to the gas chamber. Another source is Ann Frank Diary she talks a lot about the brutality of the officers. A fault in this scene maybe that all the S.S officer almost showed ‘ no mercy’ and were very brutal but actually not all were prime example was Kurt Gerstein http://www.thehistoryforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=62&t=28226 Scene 3- The liquidation of the Ghetto

In this Scene, the S.S officers are clearing out the ghetto and only keeping the people who are fit to work and transporting them to Auchwitz where they will be gased. Chaos out...
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