Hint of an Explination

Topics: Eucharist, Mass, Catholic Church Pages: 4 (1453 words) Published: September 9, 2013
Nick Kasten
September 4, 2013
Catholic Heritage
Dr. Idziak

The Hint of an Explanation

The short story titled “the hint of an explanation” by Graham Greene is a very interesting story of a two men who have nothing in common except for the passenger cart that they share on a train ride in the middle of winter. The story starts off with great detail of how the train is cold and lacking in the luxuries. There was no dining cart of lounge cart for the passengers, but the two men bonded over the lack of material needs. They began a conversation which led to a discussion about God. The interesting part of this story is that the conversation is between a Catholic and agnostic. During their discussion the Catholic brings up a story from his youth. At first he was hesitant to tell a complete stranger his story, but the fact that the Agnostic was a stranger gave the Catholic ability to share this story. The Catholic tells how when he was growing up, he lived in a town where Catholicism was the minority religion. Every Sunday the Catholics had to stroll past the “proper church” as the Catholic man called it. While passing the “proper church” Catholics passed a sea of judgmental glances from the other towns’ folk. There was one in particular that the Catholic man remembers very well. This man was different from everyone else though. He goes on to say that this man named ‘Blacker’ asked him for a favor that still dwells within his mind to this day. He asked the Catholic man whose name is David to give him on the Host from Mass. He told David that all he wants is to know what “their God tastes” like. When it came time during mass to take the Host and save it for Blacker, David did as he was asked; the feeling of sin came flooding into David for the remainder of that Sunday though. Later that night, Blacker came to David’s house to collect the host but David was consumed with so much guilt decided to swallow the Host instead of giving it to Blacker. Instead of coming...
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