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Topics: Catholic Church, Eucharist, Christianity Pages: 2 (1046 words) Published: February 11, 2015
This essay is about whether or not Mary I deserves the title of ‘Bloody Mary’. I will be writing points for and against the name Bloody Mary and I will reach a judgement on how far I personally agree to whether or not she deserves the title Bloody Mary. When Mary came to the throne she changed a lot of things purely to do with religion. Her popularity quickly turned sour because of her religious changes and her marriage. She had been brought up as a strict Roman Catholic, therefore, she made some changes: the Catholic Mass was restored and Holy Communion was banned. All priests had to be Catholic; the basic furniture in the Protestant churches was replaced with the colourful furniture and paintings of the Catholic Church. Services were held in Latin and Cranmer’s English prayer book was banned. Also, the pope was made head of the church again. The majority of the people of England accepted these changes, however, some did not. Mary has been remembered in History as Bloody Mary because she burnt many people at the stake who refused to change. I think the most important point to why Mary I deserved to be called Bloody Mary would be that she killed people because of their religion. In the reign of Mary, Protestants were executed for refusing to accept that the Pope was the head of the Church. Others were executed for reading the English Bible. However, the most common cause of heresy concerned something called transubstantiation. Catholics believed that the bread and wine used at communion became the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Protestants who refused to believe this miracle happened during communion were in danger of being executed. Also, she killed people who spent most of their money on their religion. This has to be the most important reason to why Mary I is called Bloody Mary because if she didn’t kill people because of their religion, then, she wouldn’t have burnt so many people at the stake and therefore, she wouldn’t be called Bloody...
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