Honda Element

Topics: Target market, Automobile, Target audience Pages: 3 (789 words) Published: May 27, 2013
a Case Study about “The Honda Element”

Comment on the factors leading to success of the Element include Honda’s platform strategy as well as any other aspects oft he new product progress that you feel relevant. The Element—a cost-efficient, new light truck from Honda—is conceived for the target Generation Y. This generation is a really lucrative market, almost as large as the “baby boom” generation. In this way, Honda used demographic segmentation to identify a segment with very high potential. According to market survey, the Honda cars are basically driven by young women and families, but not so much by young men.

The main idea of the product team was to develop an affordable, new design that target users would like to drive. To do this, it is important to understand the core values and beliefs of the target audience. Researchers with camcorders analyzed a clear picture of young males in the target market. They seemed to have a strong cohort identification, support of social and environmental causes, were well educated, and seemed to be less career-driven than older generations. These results helped the Honda Team to create a car that fits perfectly for this target. The important aspects included the need for room for sports equipment, as well as a place to sleep on weekend trips, and so on. These were important for the buying decision of young people in the target audience. Accordingly, the Element truck is positioned for the single individual with an unconventional lifestyle.

For this target there are four unique and important design themes: adaptability/modularity, authenticity, functionality, attitude/expression. These differ from the three corporate guidelines from Honda: performance, safety, and value..

During the creating progress several things happened simultaneously. During the process, team members visited male students to get their feedback and make little “quick-turn” improvements. For the best management support, the Honda Element...
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