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Topics: Mosque, Catholic Church, Prayer Pages: 2 (842 words) Published: April 10, 2014
Assignment # 3 Souljourners Cultural Interaction Reflection Paper For this assignment we had to visit to houses of worship. I decided to visit a catholic church called Our Savior Parish with my roommate, who visits this church on every Sunday, and the Masjid Omar ibn Al-Khattab Mosque. I have been to a church before, and I visited a mosque during high school, but nevertheless quite some time has passed since I last visited a house of worship. So I want to begin with sharing the impression that I made during my visit to the church. We went there on Sunday, March 2nd at 10pm. I was quite surprised by that you can go to church this late, back home people usually go to mass in the morning or at 7pm for the evening mass. The church looked like a typical church from the outside, with stone optic and stain glass windows. Inside there were pews for the people to sit and a holy water font. At the back of the church in the middle was the altar, the priest was speaking to the audience from there. Everything was decorated nicely and the whole architecture was designed to look very antique. When the mass began there were about 70 people in the audience, and most of them were USC students. It was a very divers group, there were people from all different races, and there were about as many men as there were women. At the beginning the priest told us to introduce ourselves to the people who sat near us, which I thought was nice because you get familiar with the people next to you. That was new for me. The topic of the mass was the upcoming lent, and the priest told us a story out of his life. Basically, he left a very well a paid job to become a priest because he realized that money is not everything in this world. So he told us to let go and not get too attached to material things. Ironically, as the mass progressed the priest was asking for donations. This part of the mass got stuck in my head because he spent a lot of time explaining how we can make the payments. This was...
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