How Religious Education Influences My Life

Topics: Pope Benedict XVI, Religion, Jesus Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: February 4, 2015
How Religious Education Influences My Life
To be or not to be…religious that is! What is religion, and why do people really take part in becoming religious? I cannot answer for others, but for me, my religion reminds me every day that God has the power to show me who is in control…and it is not me! My parents teach me how to be a Christian through their everyday examples of how they live life and by worshiping God through prayer and attending church. However, attending a Catholic school allows me to learn more about religion on a daily basis. A religious education helps me to “encounter the living God who in Jesus Christ reveals his transforming love and truth” (Pope Benedict XVI). By going to a Catholic high school, I have increased my knowledge in the Catholic faith and it has helped me to persevere through difficult times. During most of my high school years, I had to deal with many trials and tribulations. From having to adjust to a new city and state, attending a new school, finding new friends, and the most concerning- my father’s End Stage Renal Disease, I have learned to trust in the Lord. Hearing about the stories in the Bible of miracles and blessings that Jesus bestowed on others gave me faith and courage to look forward to the blessings that are to come in the future. My religious education reminds me to focus on prayer in order to get through the rough times. It has taught me that there are times God may tell us ‘no’, but it is only because He as a plan that differs from the plan I have, which is a plan that is best for me, even though I am not able to see it that way in the present time. Many people forget to pray on a daily basis, and only turn to prayer when they are in need. My religious education has taught me to pray and thank God on a daily basis. I strive to take the morals out of the lessons learned in my religion class and apply them to my everyday life. The lessons have taught me how to pray, which has brought me to the...
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