how significant was mone in causeing henry VIII to breack with rome?

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How significant was money in causing Henry VIII to break with Rome? Introduction
Throughout this essay I will explain’ how significant money was in causing henry VIII to break with Rome`. Henry VIII is one of the most famous kings in English history. He was the second Tudor monarch and was known for having six wives. His break with Rome and the Roman Catholic Church established the Church of England. The break with Rome involved two of his six wives Catharine of Argon and Anne Boleyn. There were four main causes of the break with Rome which power played a large role in causing Henry VIII to split with Rome, along with the other causes Love, Faith and money. P1

One of the reasons why Henry broke from the Roman Church was because he needed money. The break from Rome also meant that the taxes that had previously been paid to the Church in Rome would go to Henry instead and, after the break, he sacked the Catholic monasteries of their gold and removed the Church's land making him even richer, If he took over the church all of its treasury would be his. The monasteries were very rich and owned about a quarter of the land in the country, so he closed down the monasteries, took their money and sold all of the land. It was not about a divorce, an unlikely idea, but about an annulment (an invalid marriage). Henry, a Catholic King, wanted an annulment from his wife and in those days they would have to approach the Bishop of Rome and his Court and attain one from that source at a very great cost. This Henry did, paying out his money to the Roman Court. Henry had spent all his late fathers (King Henry VII) money on expensive wars with France; he could not afford his big parties he was famous for. Henry needed the money for power so that he could then build a stronger army and fight more wars. This would then show that he was a powerful king. Money is not the most important reason but it is an important reason. P2

Henry VIII made the break from Rome and the Roman...
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