How to Divide the Root Ball on a Split Leaf Philodendron

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How to Divide the Root Ball on a Split Leaf Philodendron
A potted split leaf philodendron adds color and beauty to any home it is grown in and is suitable for indoor growth year-round. However, if the plant has outgrown its container or has stopped thriving, you can divide the root ball on a split leaf philodendron to create two or more separate plants for growing yourself or giving away to friends and family. -------------------------------------------------

Things You'll Need
* -------------------------------------------------
* -------------------------------------------------
* -------------------------------------------------
* -------------------------------------------------
* -------------------------------------------------
Potting soil
* 1
Spread newspaper on the ground to protect your floor or work outdoors if dividing the plant on a warm day. Bring the plant's pot to the edge of the paper and slowly tip the pot sideways onto the center of the paper, careful not to crush the leaves. * 2

Ease the pot away from the root ball. Put on gloves and use your fingers to loosen soil away from the roots so you can see them more easily. * Sponsored Links
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* 3
Locate a central point along the root ball near the base of the plant's stems that runs between stems. Cut down into the root ball with a knife starting at the plant's base and working down to the bottom of the root ball. If roots are able to be untangled and loosened from the soil by hand, do so rather than cutting. * 4

Look over the plant base and root ball of each division to determine if you want to divide it again based on the desired size you want the plants to be and how compacted the stems are. Repeat Step 3 if you are going to split the root balls further....
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