How to Make a Terrarium Speech

Topics: Plant, Soil, Want Pages: 4 (1338 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Specific Purpose: After my speech, my class will understand how to make their own terrariums and how to care for them.

Organizational pattern: Chronological

Intended Audience: My class


I. Attention Getting Device: Have any of you ever had your own house plants? They’re great for bringing a bit of the outdoors inside with you, but they can be easy to kill, on accident. All that watering and their demand for sunlight can be easy to forget about. If you are like me and cannot keep a plant alive no matter what you do, I have a low maintenance, and appealing solution for you!

II. Orientation Phrase:
A. Point: Today I will be teaching you about how to build and care for the two types of terrariums. B. Adaptation: We all have busy lives, between school, work, and family/friends. Sometimes, the last thing on our minds is remembering to water a plant. C. Credibility: Recently, I decided I would test out this new idea, which had been a foreign concept to me until a few months ago. I wanted to bring some beautiful nature inside my apartment, but I don’t have the time or the memory to keep a normal plant alive. So I decided I would try out a few terrariums, and see if they are all they’re made out to be, and they have been. They appear to be happy and healthy, even after a month, which is a new record for me. D. Enumerated Points: There are a few areas I want to cover today: What you need for your terrarium, how to assemble it, and how to care for it once it is finished.

Transition: Before you can start, you will need to know what supplies to get.


I. In order to build your own terrarium, chances are you will have to gather some of the materials first. Luckily, they are inexpensive and easy to obtain. You can get all the materials you need for around 20$ or less, depending where you go. Before you buy anything, you must decide whether you will want an open or closed...

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