How to Parallel Park

Topics: Automobile, Brake, Transport Pages: 3 (875 words) Published: March 4, 2013
What is one essential skill to master in driving a vehicle? There are a variety of people who have different perspectives on which driving skills are important; nevertheless, I find that parallel parking is a beneficial technique for all drivers. This is especially important in populated cities, where finding an available parking spot is hard – surprisingly, impossible. Therefore, the skill of parallel parking, parking in-between two vehicles, allows you to succeed in parking in an accessible parking space. The three fundamental steps to learning the technique of parallel parking are aligning your car, turning your steering wheel, and parking safely. As a result, you will be able to park your vehicle within two automobiles without getting into a collision and damaging your car.

Alignment of your vehicle is the first essential step to perfecting the skill of parallel parking. To begin, you need to find a space to park in between two vehicles. Pull up beside the available space parallel to the street and between the two cars. The space should be larger than the length of your car and have a couple extra feet in front of your vehicle and behind your rear bumper as well. After determining a location to park, you must proceed to lift up your right-hand turn signal to indicate to nearby drivers that you will be moving in that direction. Now, you must pull your vehicle up close to vehicle A which is in front of your car. As you approach closely to vehicle A, you need to make sure the front of your car is alongside vehicle A’s left side view mirror. Following the last instruction, you must come to a complete stop by pressing down your brake pedal. Therefore, you need to learn how to align your vehicle – finding a space, signalling, pulling up your vehicle, and stopping – in order to proceed to the second step of parallel parking.

The turn of the steering wheel plays a crucial role in accomplishing the perfect parallel parking. While your vehicle is motionless,...
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