Hrm 531 Week 3

Topics: Landscaping, Employment, Landscape Pages: 3 (723 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Waits and Sons is a landscaping business operating as a family business since 2007 (Waits, 2012). Matt Waits has been the contracted landscaper for the residence at 411 N Wayman Street for the past three years. In a recent interview, Waits answered the following questions: •How and when would you determine the need to create a job position within your business?

As contracts are signed and the demands for more maintenance visits grow, we will be looking to fill new positions. In fact, we are currently looking to hire a couple more employees. A lot of our new contracts are brought to use through word-of-mouth by our own clients. It is their neighbors or friends and family, who might live nearby.

What strategy would use to outline the position’s details? The strategy will be based on the current employees, skills, and needed customer care skills. Reviewing current job demands and how these are fulfilled, to then determine if we need more of the same qualifications or new requirements. We also need to review the needs of our new customers. For example, if a customer has a pond as part of the landscaping, then we need to ensure the new employee is proficient in some plumbing applications. Sprinkler systems can be complicated to manage and the candidate must have experience working with sprinklers.

What would the duties be?
Duties include: mowing, planting, laying sod, fertilizing, watering, raking, digging, installing sprinkler systems, repairing existing sprinklers, and laying concrete borders outlining flower and bush beds.

What would the performance requirements for the position be? The ideal candidate will possess the knowledge and ability to operate the latest landscaping equipment, including power tools and handheld equipment.

The candidate will also be responsible for ensuring the site is adequately surveyed, manicured, and left better than found upon completion. Punctuality is of utmost importance and the candidate must...
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