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Topics: Baptism, Christianity, Jesus Pages: 3 (1027 words) Published: July 6, 2011

Baptism is such an important part of a person’s life. The sacrament of baptism goes back to 200 year old tradition. I will be focusing on community for the sacrament of baptism; there are different views, practices and significance of baptism for the individuals across many Christian churches such as Armenian Orthodox, Roman Catholic Church, and Anglican Church. For Orthodox Christians the significance of the sacrament of baptism is in the entry into the church as members of body of Christ. It is the ‘new birth ‘by which we die to the world, and are raised with Christ to external life. It is through baptism that we are mystically born into spiritual life. The holy sacrament of baptism serves as the door leading into the kingdom of grace, and grants access to participation in the other sacraments of the church In the Armenian Orthodox Church the practice of baptism is different to any other Christian churches. The baptism starts off by standing in front of the church door and waiting till the priest has come and asked the god mother and father on behalf of the baby being baptised. The priest will ask the God mother and father “on behalf of the baby (name of the baby) do you reject Satan, do you believe Jesus is the son of God and do you follow Jesus teachings in life (commandments etc). Once that has been done the God Father and God mother will take the baby towards the priest. The God mother will undress the baby and the God father will hand the baby to the priest. When the priest has got the baby the priest puts the baby into the font with water from head to toe, the priest repeats this for three times. After this has been done the Godfather will hold the baby in a towel and the priest will put the holy oil all over the baby’s body ( forehead ,eyes ,mouth ,ears ,hands ,legs ,tummy ,chest, back). After this is done the God mother...
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