Topics: Gothic architecture, Stained glass, Dominican Order Pages: 2 (581 words) Published: November 16, 2013
Saint Vincent Ferrer Roman Catholic Church

Saint Vincent Ferrer Roman Catholic Church is located at 1530 Jackson Ave, River Forest, Illinois. In 1931 a temporary was built and its final construction was completed in 1956. The church was named in honor of St. Vincent Ferrer who was a member of the Dominican order and known as “the Patron of Builders.” One important fact about this church is that it is owned by the Dominican order. This privilege was granted by The Archdiocese of Chicago to the Dominican order; nevertheless, the Dominican order is responsible for financing, maintaining, and developing of the property. Saint Vincent’s is attached to an elementary school which was constructed before the permanent church, and also carries the name of St. Vincent Ferrer. The church is a combination of Romanesque and Gothic features although it tends to be a little bit more Gothic. Its main entrance or porch has a pointed arch and in the middle there are two doors. These doors are mainly made of wood with stained glass in the middle of them. Above the doors on the tympanum is placed a sculpture of a Saint Vincent. And on top of it there is a shield and some anchors on each side as decoration. Going up on the top there is a large rose window which is located in the middle of another pointed arch. The buttresses of the main entrance hold sculptures of a saint on each side. Beside the main doors, there are two lateral doors at the sides of the porch which have the same shape and style of the main entrance. The church has eight lateral stained glass windows on each side that illuminate its interior and has bible stories attached in them. The floor plan of the church is a cruciform where its nave is about 20 ft. in length and 6 ft. in width until it gets to the crossing section. The church has a choir where more pews are placed. The altar area is on the apse. Right behind of the altar the wall holds the sculpture of Jesus which seems to be in the middle of an open...
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