If Money doesn't Make You Happy; Then Your Not Spending It Right Critique

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Critique Essay
The belief that money lead to ultimate happiness was circulated among mankind and perceived as the essence of life, this can be seen in the quote: “Money makes the world go round”. Upon reading this quote , one begins to think that money is the everlasting physical material that brings happiness. However, Money is only tangible and can disappear overnight. William Durant, founder of GM and Chevrolet, said “Money is only leaned to a man. He comes into the world with nothing and leaves with nothing”. This indicates how one spends this tangible curse to pursue the thought of happiness. Throughout Dunn's writing, the thought that spending money in a diverse manner brings happiness appears in numerous positions and to emphasis this stand it firstly appears in the title , “If Money Doesn’t Make You Happy, Then You Probably Aren’t Spending It Right”. Happiness-according to Dunn- through money, can be decanted through 8 different “Principles”: 1) Buy more experiences and fewer material goods. (2) Use ones money to benefit others rather themselves (3) Buy many small pleasures rather than fewer large ones (4) Eschew extended warranties and other forms of overpriced insurance (5)Delay consumption (6) Consider how peripheral features of their purchases may affect their day-to-day lives (7) Beware of comparison shopping (8) Pay close attention to the happiness of others. These are semi accurate ways spending money the right way and I agree with most of them; yet, some of these point I find quite contradicting. Because the nature of mankind does not agree with such perfect attributes and that one must obtain to have a more enjoyable life. Principle 1: Buy more experiences and fewer material goods. This is the utmost correct statement ever known to man when they want to spend money. The point directs us to a human natural instinct: boredom. Once a human is bored or tired of something, then that person will get rid of that...
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