Ikea Media Plan

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Media Plan

Marketing Objective 1:
To increase awareness of local IKEA store locations in the U.S. among Generation Y individuals between ages 23 and 30 by 25% by January 2014.

Media Objective 1: Reach 30% of Generation Y (ages 23-30) at least twice a month during 2013 with information regarding their IKEA store within 200 miles.

Media Strategy: Use direct mail campaign that highlights the location of the nearest store with IKEA facts, and promotions. The mailings are to be released at the beginning of each month for three consecutive months.

Media Tactics: Create a direct mailing informational campaign that states the closest IKEA store with events or promotions going on that month. The initial messaging states the location of the store and how it is “just around the corner”. Follow-up messaging states events or promotions specific to their local IKEA.

Medium: Direct Mail
Budget: $5 million for lists, labor, postage, and print
Rationale: The direct mail campaign should be implemented because it reaches the audience closest to the stores that do not need the online community. By using the direct mailing campaign the people moving in and out of communities can be monitored and reached. People just starting in their career that have moved into a new house or apartment can be reached and informed of the IKEA store closest to them while they are searching for affordable and fashionable furniture.

Media Strategy: Run a social media campaign that uses a weekly touch point to build awareness of IKEA locations.

Media Tactics: Use the tagline “Where Are You Wednesday?” and have followers and fans add their location as well as the location of the nearest IKEA store. Each week will feature a fact of a U.S. IKEA sore location, one participant from the store with the most responses will be drawn to win a $50 IKEA gift card.

Medium: Social Network Outlets
Budget: $43,000 for staffing, gift cards, and applications
Rationale: The social...
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