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What is the motto of the Ateneo? What is the aim of the Ateneo for its graduates? If you ask any alumnus, his only answer would be that what encapsulates the true meaning of being an Atenean is being Lux-In-Domino. I, too, agree that the phrase is the perfect characteristic an Atenean has. This motto is specifically found in the old and new seals of the Ateneo. These seals are not mere distinction that a person is more or less an Atenean, but of greater symbolism, a promise and inspiration on how to live life the Ateneo way. With this in mind, the Ateneo decided to give this as an award entitled, “Lux-In-Domino Award”. This is, by far, the most prestigious honor that “illuminates the purpose and aims of the University which point that the Ateneo is Filipino, Catholic, and Jesuit.” But first, allow me to give a brief background on the said award. According to the Ateneo website, the phrase Lux-In-Domino was taken from St. Paul (Ephesians 5:8) “For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light.” In simple terms, Lux-In-Domino means “light in the Lord”. The award was first granted back in 1986. It aims to give honor to the alumni or alumnae who lived a life by being Light in the Lord.

The recipients of this award must have lived their lives by being moral examples of service to others, more specifically to the Filipino people. The awardees must have sought service to and for his/her fellow brethren to promote genuine national development. Let’s take for instance Bobby Gana, a lawyer of SALIGAN (an NGO), who unfortunately died in a plane crash February 1998. He, together with his co-lawyers, was supposed to conduct educational seminars and meetings on the legal aspects of the party-list elections, local governance and agrarian reform in Cagayan De Oro. After graduating, he spent his life in service, devoting himself for his fellow countrymen. This made him a true example of being a Lux-In-Domino.

It is not only by being of...
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