Importance of Seatbelts

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Before someone decides to operate a vehicle one of the first things the driver should remember for their own safety is to wear their seat belt. The simple three second task can save your life and possibly others. Unbelted occupants can become projectiles during a collision and can seriously injure themselves, other passengers or the driver. Traffic accidents are the number one cause of death for americans age 5 to 35. Up to half of these lives could have been saved if everyone wore seat belts.

Whenever I get in a car the first thing I do is strap on my seat belt. Whether I am the passenger or driver I make sure I am safe. As the driver I make sure all passengers with me are wearing their belts properly. That means only one person to a seat belt, the shoulder strap is over the shoulder and not under the arm and that it is tight and secure. If I were to not follow the laws of seat belts I could face a fine of 90 dollars and 2 demerit points.

Last year I was driving with my friend and we were pulled over by a police officer. I was not wearing my seat belt at the time but the driver was. He asked me how old I was and because I was 17 he ticketed me. It took me a while to raise 90 dollars and pay the ticket.

Children are the safest in the back seat of the vehicle. For a child to effectively use a seat belt they must be able to comfortably sit with their legs bent and their backs fully against the back of the seat. Babies, toddlers preschoolers and primary school aged children must travel in the appropriate child car seat or booster seats. The driver of the vehicle is responsible for ensuring that all children under 16 years of age are wearing seat belts. Anyone over 16 years of age are responsible for buckling themselves up.

Sometimes there are some exceptions for people to not wear a seat belt. Some exemptions include driving in reverse, employees and agents of Canada Post, police officers while transferring someone in custody, ambulance attendants in...
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