In Vitro Fertilization report

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In Vitro Fertilization:  Ethical Implications & Alternatives "Every child, no matter how that child is born, is precious in God's ages." A wrong understanding of ethical drawcacks of in vitro fertilization has already led to a naive acceptance of the destruction of human embryos that now theaters to pave the way for embryonic stem cell research. The concept the in vitro fertilization tha one or more of the genetic parents are different from the woman who will carry the child, or the couple who will bring the child up. Sperm and eggs are being bought and sold and wombs are rented. One common reason for testing the embryos is the sex selection of the child(boy or girl). The legal problems that arise from in vitro fertilization are "legion". the number of the persons who assert parental rights is now expanded to five: sperm donor, egg donor, surrogate womb mother, couple who raise the child. Nowadays people are turning to science for solution because problems of infertility and sterility become more common. The Church cannot accept the mean of in vitro fertilization, because The fact that these techniques have been developed and have a certain success rate does not make them morally acceptable. Marriage: the Sanctity of life

As for the catholic church, donation of semen or ora, and the use of surrogate motherhood to bear the child. The Catechism of the Catholic Church asserts “Techniques that entail the dissociation of husband and wife by the intrusion of a person other than the couple (donation of sperm or ovum, surrogate uterus) are gravely immoral. The act which brings the child into existence is no longer an act by which two persons (husband and wife) give themselves to one another, but one that “entrusts the life and identity of the embryo into the power of the doctors and biologists, and establishes the domination of technology over the origin and destiny of the human person. God created man and woman in His own image and likeness and gave them the mission “to be fruitful and multiply.” The marital act is one of mutual self-giving and mutual acceptance of two persons in love. It reflects the inner life of God in the Holy Trinity, a communion of love. SPARE EMBRYOS: 

Human Leftovers
"I formed you in the womb, I knew you and before you were born, I consecrated you" (Jer 1:5). Pope John Paul II, commenting on this Scripture passage, writes: "the life of every individual, from its very beginning, is part of God's plan..."(Evangelium Vitae #44). Human life is precious from the moment of conception; but, sadly enough, the biblical respect for human life is being eroded in our contemporary society. Without a deep reverence for the sacredness of human life, humanity places itself on the path of self-destruction. When science and technology open doors that should not be opened, a Pandora’s box spews forth evils that menace humanity. We invented the atom bomb and germ warfare. These inventions are now part of human history forever. Scientists have opened another perilous door: they are manufacturing human life and using their product as an object of experimentation.  The Vatican Document, Donum Vitae, expresses this well:  “By defending man against the excesses of his own power, the Church of God reminds him of the reasons for his true nobility; only in this way can the possibility of living and loving with that dignity and liberty which derive from respect for the truth be ensured for the men and women of tomorrow” (Donum Vitae p. 39)  in in vitro fertilization a woman is given fertility drugs to ensure that she produces several ova which are collected to be fertilized in a petri dish creating several embryos. The healthiest ones are chosen for transfer to the woman’s womb. Many embryos are discarded or frozen. Freezing kills some more. Some embryos are later used for experimentation, which is always lethal. The Church’s teaching on the respect that must be accorded to human embryos has been constant and very clear. The...
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