Information System Management

Topics: Management, Information systems, Decision theory Pages: 9 (1121 words) Published: December 2, 2013
Foundations of Information Systems in


Learning Objectives
• Understand the concept of a system and

how it relates to information systems.
• Explain why knowledge of information
systems is important for business
professionals and identify five areas of
information systems knowledge they need.

Learning Objectives
• Give examples to illustrate how business

applications of information systems can
support a firm’s business processes,
managerial decision making, and strategies
for competitive advantage.
• Provide examples of several major types of
information systems from your experiences
with business organizations in the real world.

Learning Objectives
• Identify several challenges that a business

manager might face in managing the
successful and ethical development and use
of information technology in a business.
• Provide examples of the components of real
world information systems
• Demonstrate familiarity with the myriad of
career opportunities in information systems.

What is an Information Systems (IS)
• can be any organized combination of people, hardware,

software, communications networks, data resources, and
policies and procedures that stores, retrieves,
transforms, and disseminates information in an
• Although today’s information systems are typically thought

of as having something to do with computers, we have
been using information systems since the dawn of

Different view of IS
• Today we make regular use of information systems that

have nothing to do with a computer. Consider some of the
following examples of information systems:
• Smoke signals for communication
• Card catalogues in a library
• Your book bag, day planner, notebooks, and file
• The cash register at your favourite fast-food
• A paper-based accounting ledger

Major areas of information systems

Foundation Concepts
• Fundamental behavioural, technical, business, and

managerial concepts about the components and roles of
information systems.
• Examples include basic information system concepts

derived from general systems theory or competitive
strategy concepts used to develop business applications
of information technology for competitive advantage.
Chapters 1 and 2 and other chapters of the text support
this area of IS knowledge.

Information Technologies
• Major concepts, developments, and management issues

in information technology—that is, hardware, software,
networks, data management, and many Internet-based
• Chapters 3 and 4 provide an overview of computer

hardware and software technologies, and Chapters 5 and
6 cover key data resource management and
telecommunications network technologies for business.

Business Applications
• The major uses of information systems for the operations,

management, and competitive advantage of a business.
Chapter 7 covers applications of information technology in
functional areas of business such as marketing,
manufacturing, and accounting.
• Chapter 8 focuses on e-commerce applications that most
companies use to buy and sell products on the Internet,
and Chapter 9 covers the use of information systems and
technologies to support decision making in business.

Development Processes
• How business professionals and information specialists

plan, develop, and implement information systems to
meet business opportunities.
• Several developmental methodologies are explored in

Chapter 10, including the systems development life cycle
and prototyping approaches to business application

Management Challenges
• The challenges of effectively and ethically managing

information technology at the end-user, enterprise, and
global levels of a business. Thus, Chapter 11 focuses on
security challenges and security management issues in
the use of information...
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