Latin American Religions

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Latin American Religions
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November 12, 2012

What are some major attributes of Latin American Catholicism? Identify and describe at least two distinctions and include how they are distinct from Catholicism elsewhere.

The Central American War had changed the priorities of the Catholic Church in Latin America. In the 1980’s, the clergy’s had decided to go against the Catholic Church mainly the Vatican despite the various threats, and began to help the poor which were struggling for their equality and their rights. The Catholic activism was in support of the change; however, it did influence guerilla movements in certain parts of Latin America such as Nicaragua, Salvador, Guatemala. This had introduced moral and spiritual justification. “Throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, a wing of the church surfaced as a powerful ideological force in the struggle to end authoritarian regimes,” (Meade, T., 2010).

In what ways have African religions influenced Latin American Catholicism?

“Latinos are comprised of a great conglomeration of ethnicities, traditions, and customs, which are traditionally, expressed by a common language (Spanish) and religion (Catholocism). For instance, Latin American values and traditions received a great influence from Catholicism and indigenous beliefs. Similarly, African traditions also permeated the Latin American culture, especially in the Caribbean region. This unique syncretism between Catholicism, and indigenous and African traditions allowed the survival of folk traditions, which led to the creation of several healing approaches,” (, 2012).

Should Latin American Catholicism be considered polytheistic? Why or why not?

There are various polytheistic religions that are practiced today. Many of the religions today outside of Catholicism believe in more than one God. However, the Catholics believe in one God and one God only. I do think the Catholicism needs to...
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