Latina America Catholic Church

Topics: Pope John Paul II, Catholic Church, Pope Pages: 3 (520 words) Published: December 18, 2014

Case Study

Martina Ferrine

December 2, 2014

Devry University

Professor Morello


Questions for exploration: What did some reform-minded Catholics in Nicaragua hope that the pope might do during his visit to that country? What position did the pope eventually make clear to the Nicaraguan priests? Why were some Nicaraguan Catholics disappointed with the pope’s position on political action? What did they correctly as it proved, fear might happen after the pope’s visit?


The New World beginning in 1492 brought about the Christian era, the Spanish and a new morale code, baptism, Mass and new concept of good and evil and the concept of a crucified Christ. In the midst of the new concept of Church and Christ an old age era of human sacrifice and cannibalism was a thing of the past. In this case study I will explore the history of the Catholic Church in Latin America and the political position of the Pope on the issues with the Nicaraguan Catholics and their fears of future outcomes. The Pope John Paul II visit to Managua was full of promise in the eyes of the Nicaraguan Catholics, who openly hoped for a strong stance from the Pope to support the Nicaraguans in their plight, when it came to the opposition of the Sandinista government. The Catholic Priest of Nicaragua had hopes that quickly dissolved due to the non-committal stand point the Pope made it clear to the people he would not be voicing concern or any political references and the five priests who held government positions were urged to evaluate their position with the Church, that they were first and foremost a servant of Christ. Over the years the Catholic Church had a long standing relationship with political powers. When the Sandinistas revolutionary struggle began in the 1960-70 era the Catholic Church did not support it for they were under a Marxist value which was...

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