Laws in Laos

Topics: Automobile, Walking, Traffic Pages: 1 (359 words) Published: March 22, 2014
Laos, being a developing country is slowly and steadily organizing the legal system. Most of the laws are reasonable but they should be more stringent. Compared to other developed countries, many of the laws today in Laos are not as strict as it supposed to be. One major problem that Lao people are facing is following traffic regulations, even though they are the one who make those easy laws to become a national problem. Traffic signs are almost completely meaningless to vehicle users. Speed limits signs are ineffective, people drive as fast as they want as long as there’re no police around there. Police have never arrested anybody that drives 10 or 20 km/hrs over the limit. They will chase those who run a red light and those cars or motorcycles, which the police think it is too fast. As there are no bicycle cops and police only stay at their booth, Car parking is also a big problem in traffic. People park wherever they think it is the closest to their destination as long as it is not completely block a road or a gateway. They often park on the walking path, which causes pedestrians to walk at the side of the road. Incoming cars might hit pedestrians. Pedestrians never follow the traffic lights, they just cross the road anywhere anytime as long as they think they are not getting hit by a car. There is no bike lane in Laos, bicycle can ride in any lane of the road. The most unreasonable law is that motorcycle that is over 250cc are not allowed to be used or imported to Laos, the only persons who can use the over limited engine bike are the police. Police corruption is very likely the most important thing that government should intercept. People are now paying money directly to the police officers instead of taking the bill from them and pay at the main office. Therefore, the money goes to the police officers’ wallets. In conclusion, the main starting point of breaking traffic regulations is corruption. Without rough and readiness of people, Laos would be a better...
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