Legal Driving Age

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Legal Driving Age
State legislators are considering revising the legal driving age to twenty-one. Some might agree the legal driving age should be increased to twenty-one but, I agree. I believe that once you are twenty-one you have fully matured and have a better understanding of the responsibilities that come with driving. Reasons I agree are that you have obtained greater maturity, you are more responsible, and you have had more life experiences. Changing the legal driving age to twenty-one will help make our society safer. When you were little you always dreamed about driving and speeding around town in sleek looking cars that turned heads, but when you actually start learning to drive for the first time it can be kind of scary. When you get behind the wheel you have to be responsible. You are liable for yourself and people with you. You also have to be aware of other drivers on the roads and be a defensive driver. With that, driving is a lot of responsibility and there is talk about whether or not to increase the legal driving age to twenty-one to ensure the safety of drivers on the road. I believe that changing the driving age to twenty-one will help solve complications in our world. Over the years thousands of teens have died related to car accidents. Increasing the driving age would lower the deaths of teens in automobile accidents. Teenagers are not fully matured yet and letting them sit behind the wheel is a recipe for disaster. With new advances in technology it is easy for teenagers to be distracted while driving by either changing the music, texting or making phone calls, and more. At the age of twenty-one you are considered an adult. You are able to legally drink, vote, and be on your own. Being able to do all of those things takes responsibility.
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