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Topics: Auditing, Internal control, Internal audit Pages: 8 (3433 words) Published: September 10, 2013
School of Administrative Studies
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies
York University

Fall 2013 Course Outline
AP/ADMS 4552 3.0 Section A and B Information Systems Audit
Term: Fall 2013


AP/ADMS 4552 3.0 Sections A and B Information Systems Audit


First day of class:

Section A: Wednesday, September 11, 2013 11:30 AM – 2:30 PM, Location: HNE 030

Section B: Thursday, September 12, 2013 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM, Location: HNE 032


• Hall, James A., (2011), Information Technology Auditing, 3e, Mason: South-Western Cengage Learning (Referred to as “IT Audit Text” in the Readings List for each class) • Additional material as listed in the course outline. This includes articles referenced by links, readings from books that were required for prerequisite courses, cases and assignment details posted on our web site. • CICA Assurance Handbook, as available online from York University library, (referred to as “Handbook” in the Readings List for each class).

Selected readings are from: [Note this book is available on reserve at the business library in the Schulich building if you do not have a copy.]

• Arens, A., R. J. Elder, M. S. Beasley and I. B. Splettstoesser-Hogeterp. 2011. Auditing: The Art and Science of Assurance Engagements, Canadian 11th Edition, Pearson Prentice Hall: Toronto. (Referred to as “Audit Text” in the Readings List)

References for the 12th Canadian edition of the Audit text (as an alternative to the 11th edition) will be provided separately as a document on the course web site.

Warnings: Photocopying more than 10% of a textbook is illegal, and may involve penalties. Do not duplicate textbooks or obtain these photocopies. Students are reminded of York University’s policy regarding academic dishonesty as outline in the York Student Calendars. WEIGHTING OF COURSE

|Deliverables are Individual Work unless otherwise stated|Percent Value |Due date | |Class participation |2% |. | |Two [2] Hand in Case Assignments |10 % |Session 3, Session 11 | |(5% each) | | | |Midterm exam, Covers Weeks 1 to 4 |25% |Session 5 (October 9/10th) | |Midterm self-analysis assignment |5% |Session 9 (Individual) | | |5% |Group Presentations (Sessions 9-12) | |ACL assignment |8% |Session 8 | |Final exam during regular examination schedule |45 % |During December 10 to 23 date assigned by Registrar’s | | | |Office | |Total |100% | |

Details of class participation and assignments will be posted on the course Moodle web site, and will be discussed in class.

Reallocation of Marks if work is Missed

If a midterm examination is missed due to a valid reason such as illness or other reason approved by the Course Director, the midterm mark allocation of 25% will be added to the final examination percentage.

The documentation required to support this reallocation is a completed medical form (physician's statement) provided by the Registrar’s Office, available from:...

1) For students in the Honours program, 78 credits including AP/ADMS 3595 3.00, AP/ADMS 4551 3.00; and AP/ADMS 2511 3.00 or AP/ADMS 3511 3.00 (prior to Summer 2005) or
| |Questions |
|Session 1 –Wednesday, September, 11, 2013/Thursday, September 12, 2013 |Practice Questions: |
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