Life Process

Topics: Automobile, Car dealership, Internal combustion engine Pages: 2 (808 words) Published: January 24, 2013
Monica Merritt
English 101
Professor McCurdy
20 Oct 2012
The Life Process of Buying a Car.
In life we go through many processes that we have experienced throughout life, with my experience I have gone through the process of buying a new car. With this experience we have to think this idea through to the fullest extent. We endured many processes to come to terms with making the decision in buying a brand new car, along with the learning experiences we have gone through to even purchase the car. One of our major concerns that we asked ourselves was, “Would we be able to afford the car in the long run?” As well as “How many years would we be paying on the car, and can we be consistent with the payments if problems down the road may arise?” With these questions, our life experience in our process was as followed.

The first step for us in buying a new car was what size car we were going to purchase. We had choose to go with an intermediate size car, that’s slightly smaller but can fit five passengers, and has great gas mileage as well, something that was perfect for a family of four. The next step was to find a dealership that would fit our needs in the car we wanted. We also asked around to see what dealerships others have used and if they were happy with their services. When finding a dealership we wanted to find one that was also close to home, so that when we needed service to be done on the car it would save us time and fuel. After finding the dealership we wanted our next step was checking in on what warranties the car we were interested in had. The warranty we have on the car is a full warranty which will replace any part on the car during our warranty period, which is based on years and or mileage. After going over our warranty we then got the chance to test drive the vehicle to make sure it was comfortable drive for the both of us. Negotiating a price was our next step only because the car we choose...
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