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Topics: Catholic Church, Ethos, Rhetoric Pages: 1 (347 words) Published: June 5, 2013
Gay-Straight Alliances in Catholic Schools
Lindsay West
Mr. Prancic
In Canada, gay-straight alliances in Catholic schools have been the cause of an ongoing debate between the Ontario government and Catholic school boards. Catholics feel that gay-straight alliances in their schools are impeding on their religious rights whereas opposing views feel that homosexual teens deserve somewhere safe where they can be themselves without the fear of being bullied. In the article ‘Gay-Straight Alliances save lives, say Ontario students’ by Antonia Zerbisias, she focuses on appealing to pathos and ethos, and in the article ‘Toronto archbishop opposes gay-straight alliance bill’ CBC news seems to try to appeal to ethos and logos, but they do not have facts or evidence to support their point. In the first article, the author starts with a rhetoric question, “What’s in a name?” (Zerbisias) to captivate the audience. In the second article, the author (unknown) does not use a rhetoric question; instead they later quote the Archbishop “Why are Catholics not free to design their own methods to fight bullying… as long as they attain the common goal of a welcoming and supportive school?” (CBC News) using rhetoric questions. The first article also appeals to pathos more than the second article. It uses an Uses annecdotes of students who have not yet come out and feel that GSAs have given them security and courage. The second article is set up in a way where it is trying to appeal to logos, however there is no support or evidence to back up the opinions of the Catholic church. Both articles appeal to ethos in different manners. The first article pleas to the ethics that students, straight or gay, should feel comfortable and secure going to school and knowing that they won’t be bullied. The second article pleas to the ethics that all groups should have equal religious freedoms. Though both articles use similar techniques to inform and persuade their audience, the first...
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