Maccabean Revolt

Topics: Maccabees, Seleucid Empire, Judaism Pages: 3 (856 words) Published: March 25, 2011
Paul Simeon Ogle
History 383
Dr. J.P. Dessel

Final Paper Overview

The Breaking of the Sarissas: How the Maccabean Rebellion fostered Jewish religious identity and nationalism.

Thesis- the Maccabean Rebellion changed permanently the status of Jewish social and religious identity, reverting the status mandate from foreign influence, and fostered indigenous ideologies of nationalism and religion. *Possible opening paragraph

The subjugation of Judea, by the armies of Alexander III of Macedon, cast indigenous Jews down a path beleaguered by forced social, religious, and national assimilation. The Secludid rule left Judea in a virtual and ideological death grip, and forced Jews to forsake their long held sense of nationalism and faith. However, the Maccabean Rebellion shifted the winds of Jewish Nationalistic fate, and would usher in an era of vehement Jewish independence, coupled with the establishment of social, religious, and cultural ideologies, which would forever change the face of Jewish polity and identity.

Hellenistic influence in Judea.
1. Overview of the campaigns and conquest of Alexander the Great 2. Examination of the divisions the Hellenistic kingdoms and influence of the separate spheres upon the region. 3. Explain how the subjugations and inequities of Hellenistic rule forced Judeans to foment dissent against their Greek rulers, with particular attention paid to religious freedoms, taxation, cultural and economic disparity.

Ogle 2
The Rebellion
1. The beginnings and the leadership, with special attention paid toward the growth and ideologies of the movement. 2. How Maccabean successes grew into eventual victory, and how the Maccabees gained the support of the Jewish population. 3. How the Maccabees established rule after their victory.

The Aftermath
1. How the Maccabean revolt inspired a sense of Jewish nationalism and religious identity. 2. How and why this revolt...
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