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Германия является членом Европейского союза и НАТО, входит в «Большую восьмёрку» Основными отраслями промышленности являются машиностроение, электротехническая, химическая, автомобильная и судостроение, каменноугольная. Germany main imports are electronic devices (10 percent of total imports), fuel (9 percent), motor vehicles and vehicle parts and metals. Main imports partners are: Netherlands (9 percent of total imports), china (8 percent), France, Italy, United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Belgium, Austria and Swiss.
The most important industry of Germany is Tertiary. The service sector contributes approximately 71% of the total GDP, industry 28%, and agriculture 1%.

One of the strongest demand for German's commodities is automobiles. In 2009, Germany produced 5.2 million vehicles, and was the world's fourth largest producer and largest exporter of automobiles. Germany automobile companies also dominate 90 percent of the top tier automobile market, which boasted brands such as Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. Also Germany export chemical products, hardware and electronic devices, metals and pharmaceuticals.

Foreign direct investment, net outflows (% of GDP) in Germany was 3.30 as of 2010. Its highest value over the past 39 years was 5.17 in 2007, while its lowest value was 0.21 in 2003.

The most important sources of new investment projects are countries such as the U.S. (27% of all investment projects), the UK (9%) and Switzerland (7%).
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