Market Segmentation

Topics: Target market, Target audience, The Animals Pages: 9 (3517 words) Published: October 24, 2012
To: Paignton Zoo
Date: 24/01/2012
Subject: Market Segmentation

This is a report on market segmentation and this is identifying groups of customers who will respond to marketing activity in the same way. There are five segments in market segmentation which are similar wants, purchasing power so this is when an older person can buy more products then a younger person and this is because, geographical area this is selling products depending on where your business is located, for example in New quay sell surf ware items because there is beaches near and Scotland sell more ski products, buying attitudes this is when some people will buy products when the prices go down or some people have the top products such as Apple and finally buying habits this is things such as how often do you buy and when do you buy it. In this report I’m going to talk about 6 target group who Paignton zoo aim at, how they aim at them and be successful and why Paignton zoo aim at these particular target groups which are school, other businesses, families, OAPs, animal enthusiasts and couples. 1. Schools: Schools are targeted by Paignton zoo because the target audience is huge so more people come through the door of the zoo which means more profit. There are usually around 10-30 people who come from school trips/visit and it’s rare that it’ll be less than 10.

Paignton zoo are successful in achieving this target group because they have special prices for educational visits than the normal prices depending on the age. For example the standard admission fees for under children who are under 16 are £8.40 but when it’s an educational visit the fee is reduced to £5.90. If they want teaching materials with the visit then the customers have to pay extra. The adults who visit with the children have to pay by ratio, for example 8+students=1:10. Whereas for a post 16 student the prices are more, this is because prices generally increase as the age increases and also they might need special talks and rooms for presentation from the zoo staff or teaching materials so these things can also be the reason for the price increase. There are also free teacher visits, so teachers can arrange a visit to see what services Paignton zoo offer. There is a group price also which schools and colleges can arrange and for 15+ the price starts from £6.60 for children and for 50+ prices start from £6.05 pp and for 100+ prices start from £6.00 pp. Paignton zoo also provide a service for the special needs children and they have 3 well equipped classrooms with experienced teaching staff who can link with the group leaders and help the children. Sensory sessions using PowerPoint presentation and animal bones, skin and other specimens are very popular methods when helping a special needs child.

Paignton zoo also have a scheme called growing schools which is made especially for schools which is funded by the department of education. This scheme has to options, one is called the master school gardener certificate course and the other one is called the zoo to you programme. The master school gardener certificate course is when the child from a school goes to Paignton zoo over a period of 4 sessions and at the end of the 4 sessions the child will get a master gardener certificate and for the sessions and the certificate the student will have to pay which is around £160-£200. The second programme within the scheme called the zoo to you is when an experienced gardener and educator goes into the school and delivers tailor made sessions so the staff at the school can choose specific topics from the menu for the children to learn. Both these programmes are great because it’s different from the usual school trips/visits, so schools will choose these programmes and it’s also getting the kids out of the classroom. Besides they are doing something which they learn and will remember and they can use what they learn in the...
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