Marketing 100

Topics: Target audience, Marketing, Target market Pages: 9 (2797 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Semester 3A
Submission Date: December 20, 2011
1.0 Situation Analysis/Current Marketing Mix Page 2.1 Current Product 1 2.2 Current Pricing 2 2.3 Current Distribution 3 2.4 Current Promotion 4

2.0 Segmentation Theory
3.5 Define and explain segmentation 5 3.6 Benefits of Mercedes-Benz C180 5

3.0 Target Market Identification
4.7 Geographic segmentation 6 4.8 Demographic Segmentation 6 4.9 Psychographic Segmentation 7 4.10 Behavioral Segmentation 7

4.0 Completion of Discussion/Rationale
of the Target Market Images Chosen Table 8

5.0 Reference 12

1.0 Situation Analysis
1.1 Current Product
When consumers purchased the Mercedes Saloon, the basic benefit the consumers received is the ease of transportation. Consumers are purchasing the technology, which makes the car safe and easy to drive. The non-material benefits are the image and self-esteem that the Mercedes Saloon provides. The Mercedes Saloon features safety, comfort, design, durability and being economy. BlueEFFICIENCY ("C-Class Saloon and Estate" 2010) is the technology which makes the car use fuel more efficiently. It features technology such as direct injection, start-stop system and aerodynamic modifications. AGILITY CONTROL makes the car agile, easy to drive. The pristine interior of the car provide consumer with usable comfort without sacrificing design.

When consumers purchased the product, the company provides a range of after-sales services such as Mercedes-Benz Financial Services and service packages(C-Class Saloon Catalogue). The after-sales services aims to retain consumers and reduce the effect of cognitive dissonance (Kotler et al. 2009, 179)

Mercedes Saloon satisfies the requirement as a consumer’s product. Mercedes Saloon is purchased by individual for private or family use as it promotes safety and comfort for a young married couple with young children. (Kotler et al. 2009, 87)

Consumers will spend a long period of time looking for the product, as there are many choices in the market. It is a specialty product infrequently purchased, which have the highest involvement during the decision making stage. Consumers are less likely to perform product loyalty as there are many substitutes in the market. Consumer will accept substitute when Mercedes Saloon is not available. There are many substitutes that are available in the market of the similar standard. Substitutes are of equal standard. This product comes in many makes and models to satisfy the needs of different customer. The “AMG” models are created to suit the needs of a different group of consumers which wants a fast and powerful car.

The Mercedes Saloon has a unique brand name and is exclusively distributed. The unique brand name helps consumers identify it fast. It is a manufacturers’ brand. The logo is a unique three point star inside a circle which customer can easily recognize. The brand provides a form of self-expression and status. Mercedes Saloon branding expresses quality and reduces purchase risk. 1.2 Current Pricing

Mercedes Saloon exists in a monopolistic competition market, where products for competitor are similar in function yet offers a different design and element of uniqueness ("Monopolistic competition"). Mercedes Saloon possesses physical product differentiation...
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