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Topics: Automobile, Promotion and marketing communications, Marketing Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Bonus Individual StratSim Assignment
3. Evaluate the actual advertising of vehicles currently on the market. Define/ describe the advertising message and the target audience. Explain how the media choice supports the message and audience. You may also wish to evaluate the promotional material available at dealerships. The vehicle that jumps out the most is the Chevy Truck. There have been a lot of advertisements and promotions for this truck on TV lately. The Chevy Truck’s advertising slogan is “Chevy runs deep.” This slogan offers the advertising message that no matter what you need out of a vehicle, the Chevy Truck can take care of it. The Chevy Truck will last you years of usage memories. The general target audience would be customers who would need to haul heavy items, drive in the uneven terrain, and move big items. This truck is typically aimed towards males between the ages of 25-45. There are young consumers who purchase these trucks for the luxury value and there are working class males who purchase these trucks for its utility purpose. The main advertising method of this vehicle is on TV through commercials. I believe the use of commercials supports the message and the audience. One of the commercials shows a fast-forward of uses of the truck from the moment it is purchased to years in advance. This shows the consumer all of the various situations the truck can be used in. It appeals to the message that Chevy can take care of all your trucking needs. It appeals to the target audience because the commercial shows the male consumers in different scenarios in which the truck surpasses the standard needs of a vehicle. For example, the commercial shows the working class male packing up all of his big materials needed for fixing things around the house. This shows the consumers that the Chevy Truck will be able to handle moving the necessary objects for fixing areas in the outdoors. The best way to prove to a customer that your product is...
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