Mary Mother of God

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MARY Mother of God Activity
Ø Create a scrapbook using iMovie of Mary and her life. You should include pictures, a family tree, time line, maps and reports or aspects of her life. Ø For the opening iMovie frame include a map which shows location of Bethlehem. Ø For the last iMovie frame include a quiz question about Mary There are three important places where we can learn about Mary. • The first of these is in the four Gospels which are found in the New Testament. Each Gospel tells us different things about Mary. • The second place we can look is in the tradition of the Catholic Church. The tradition is all the ways in which the Catholic Church has passed on the Good News to Catholics in every age. It is the story of what happened in the Church since the time of the very first Christians and it shows us what the Catholic Church thinks is important for us to know and believe today. • The third place to find out about Mary is in the teachings of the Catholic Church today. These teachings can be found in the writings of the Church Councils. This is a name for a special meeting of the bishops and Pope where important happenings in the world are discussed and it is decided how God is calling the Catholic Church to teach about these events.

(A Jewish woman who lived in Palestine two thousand years ago.)

Who Was Mary?

The World Two Thousand Years Ago
Approximately 180 million people were living on earth at the time that Mary lived. At this time, human beings had lived on earth for around 4 million years. People had discovered many things: pottery, weaving, iron, the wheel, farming, raising animals, writing, painting, music, mathematics and even astronomy.

Across The Continents
At the time that Mary was alive people lived on parts of several continents. Different tribes of people were living in North and South America. In North Africa, the Egyptian pyramids were already two thousand years old. The Aborigines had been hunting and gathering in Australia for about 38,000 years. In Asia, China was already a powerful empire protected by a great wall over two hundred years old. In Japan, a variety of groups of peoples lived, cultivating rice and making things from metal.

The Roman Empire
The Roman Army occupied many countries in the south of Europe near the Mediterranean Sea. Today these countries are known as Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, the former Yugoslavia, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. The Romans thought that anyone who lived outside the borders of their empire were “barbarians”. Another tribe of people called “Celts” lived in Great Britain and Ireland. Teutons from Scandinavia came to live in Germany, while in the area between Hungary and China there lived many nomadic tribes.


Men and women who lived on Earth when Mary was alive had some form of religious belief. Most of them were polytheists, which means they believed in several different gods. Worship of these gods was important in society and many natural happenings such as volcanoes, earthquakes and famines were explained as actions of the gods. Some of the major religions also existed at the time: Buddhism in India, Confucianism in China and Judaism in Palestine.

The land of Palestine was the part of the world in which Mary lived. Palestine was at that time part of the Roman Empire.

Mary and Jesus and the people at that time would have spoken Aramaic (which was like Hebrew). Greek was also used. The New Testament Scriptures were all written in Greek. Latin, the language of the Roman officials, would also have been familiar to the Jews, especially people in the big cities.

Mary was from Nazareth, a small village in the foothills in the northern part of the country, in a region called Galilee. Nazareth was a village on the slopes of a hill. Mary’s house was probably one large room built into the rock of the hillside. It would have...
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