Maxis Business Strategic Planning

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Main importance of Maxis is that they have corporate plan in order to maintain their position in market to serve the customers. As a responsible business, Maxis have embedded the principles of corporate responsibility (“CR”) in their day-to-day operations. Sustainable and ethical ways of doing business have been at the core of Maxis' initiatives. To achieve business success over the long-term, Maxis recognize that they must continue to foster and nurture meaningful relationships with the stakeholders. Among core values is the attribute of trustworthiness, which requires that they subscribe to high business ethics that are vital to building stakeholder trust.

At Maxis, their CR initiatives are focused on:
· Conducting business responsibility in the marketplace; · Nurturing talents and developing their potential in the workplace; · Contributing towards the communities; and
· Doing their part to mitigate the impact of Maxis operations on the environment

1. Broadband
Maxis have provided two types of broadband services that are:

(a) Wireless Internet
There are three types of plans that Maxis have provided that are iPad Plans, Postpaid Internet and Prepaid Internet. Customers can choose any plan that is suitable with what they need. (b) Maxis WiFi

This service enables the customers to surf the internet on their devices when they are out. By subscribe to this service, the customers can surf the internet by connecting to the Maxis’sWiFi hotspots.

2. Mobile and Plan

Maxis have provided selection of services for the customers to choose. There are varieties of services to be chosen. The customers can just choose any service that is suitable and affordable for them. Services that Maxis have provided:

(a) Rate Plans and Charges
(b) Mobile Internet
(c) Mobile Services
(d) International Roaming
(e) Mobile Number Portability
(f) Fun and Innovation Series
(g) Phone Settings
(h) Maxis Newsletter
3. Devices

Maxis are not only a company that provided telecommunication service, they also sell devices that are what we called as the “hot stuff” nowadays. They also offer the customers selection of plans that are specially created for the devices. There are wide varieties of plans, so customers can choose the plan that is affordable to them. The plan is consist of the phone line and also the Internet services. The “hot stuff” devices that have the special plans are:

(a) IPhone
(b) IPad
(c) Android Phone
(d) Blackberry
(e) Windows Phone



A detailed budgeting and reporting process has been established. Comprehensive budgets are prepared by the operating units and presented to the Board before the commencement new financial year. Upon approval of the budget, the Group’s performance is then tracked and measured against the approved budget on a monthly basis. Reporting systems which highlight significant variances against plan are in place to track and monitor performance. These variances in financial as well as operational performance indices are incorporated in detail in the monthly management reports. On a quarterly basis, the results are reviewed by the Board to enable them to gauge the Group’s overall performance compared to the approved budgets and prior periods.


The Human Resource Officer is responsible for providing support in the various human resources functions, which include recruitment, staffing, training and development, performance monitoring and employee counselling. The Human Resource Officer provides advice and assistance to supervisors and staff. This may include information on training needs and opportunities, job descriptions, performance reviews and personnel policies of the Council. The position coordinates the staff recruitment process .The Human Resource Officer provides advice and support to...
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