Means of Transport Use on Campus

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Nur Hidayat bin Nor Azlan

Student Id:2012892274

Students’ Preferred Means of Transport on Campus

Transport is an important thing to everyone, as well as students. Campus location is the influence for students to choose means of transport on campus. Students will choose the easy transport to take them to all over the place and easy to find. Transportation is also important for student's to move from their campus to their hostel, cafeteria or any other places.

Based on graph, the highers preffered means of transport in 2006 is car, this means students' preffered to choose private transport as their transportation to campus. Car is a private transport that easy for them to move from one campus to another campus without necessary to keep on waiting. On the other hand motorcycle is the second highers means of transport used on campus, it is also a private transport which is easy for students' to find and use in campus. Besides that student's also use campus bus and other public transport but base on the graph it is less than car and motorcycle.

In 2007 and 2008 the graph shows that number of vehicle preffered by students’ as a means of transport on campus for car increase to 2600 for year 2007 and 3500 for year 2008, meanwhile for motorcycle, campus bus and other transport are remain unchanged. There are a few factors to explain the increasing of car. As we know all students in second semester and above are allowed to bring their own transport, first semester students in 2006 will bring their own transport in a second semester and they choose to drive a car as their transportation that will increase the number of vehicle quantity for car. Thus, a new students in a first semester for 2007 and 2008 will use campus bus and other transport such as a bicycle, taxi and others. The other factor to explain the increasing number of vehicle for car is students who choose a motorcycle before, are change their transportation from motorcycle...
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