Memorable day

Topics: Automobile, Wheel, Equestrianism Pages: 1 (375 words) Published: October 28, 2014
A memorable event Having the feeling of losing a loved one is something that everyone eventually experiences. Losing my grandpa in a car accident is by far the most devastating thing I had to learn to cope with. My grandpa and I were really close. We did many things together until the day somebody decided to have a drink while driving behind the wheel. Not only did the drunk driver pay dearly for his senseless act. He also took my grandfather’s life when he collided into the side of his car. Though my grandfather’s death was five years ago, I still remember him. An image of him is still locked in my mind, but my memories of him are faint. After breakfast on Saturdays, we would play in the park and feed the ducks. I would hold my grandpa’s hand and I remember how his hands felt very much like paper, yet very callused from long years of hard work. When it rained out, he baked me fudge brownies and cookies. My grandpa was always there when I needed a wound to be tended to or when I was sick and not feeling well. I miss my grandpa dearly with all my heart, and I wish I could tell him now how much I miss everything we used to do together. When I was young, the money wasn’t always there but we still lived a decent, comfortable life style. I didn’t see much of my father because he was always off somewhere working two jobs while attending college. That’s why my grandpa was there. My grandpa played the second father-role in a significant part of my life as a young girl. My grandpa wasn’t rich but he made sure that I was a content, healthy girl by babysitting me. When my parents were at work, my grandpa took me out to the park and horseback riding. I have many memories of me and my grandpa that I hold very dear, some of which I will never forget. My grandpa taught me to appreciate life because life is short. I believe what my grandpa says is true because bad things do happen unexpectedly, and when they do, yo...
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