Mid Autumn Festival

Topics: Vietnam, Vietnamese people, Mid-Autumn Festival Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Do you believe that there are some people living in the Moon thousand years ago? According to The Cuoi Legend Hang Nga (Moon Goddess) and Cuoi lived in there. As you know, a special festival involves in this legend called the Mid Autumn Moon Festival. It takes place on Middle August of Moon Calender every year. Mid is an exciting festival to Vietnamese people so they prepare carefully and have many exciting cultural activities. Mid is a celebration for children and moreover, during the Mid, all members of family gather with their relatives. So another name of this festival is “Reunite Festival” In preparation, people buy some fruits, cakes, candies, and toys. The five- indispensable fruit is pomelo, custard apple, guava, banana, and persimmon. However, each region has five specific integral fruits. Many tourists are interested in traditional cakes called: “Banh nuong”, “Banh deo”. This moon cake has a meaningful symbol. Originating in full moon in middle August of lunar, people in thousands years ago made a moon cake having round shape. It symbolizes the happy family. Futhermore, to prepare for this festival, people buy toys for children such as Star lamps, lanterns, masks… In that day, traditional toys are sold like hot cake With the coming of night, these gifts are blessed and offered to the spirits, lanterns are lit and the festival begins. Children and adults go out to parade lantern , watch lion dance performance. They walk along the roads, sing the songs, beat the drums and play some folk games. After the parade, people return home and have a party with their family. At that time, all members of family eat fruits and mooncakes and talk together with cheerful smiles on their faces. Mid is one of four major festival each year in VietNam. Nowadays, it does not remain entirely, but no one is uneager in this festival. If you are planning a trip to Viet Nam at July or August, this is one festival not to be missed./.
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