MKT 301 Case MOD 1

Topics: Automobile, Car dealership, Money Pages: 3 (1013 words) Published: November 24, 2013
22 April, 2013

I chose automobile as my high involvement purchase because it was something that took a great deal of thought and preparation. It was also something that I was prepared to dedicate a considerable amount of time and effort to accomplish. Magazine was my choice for low involvement purchase because it’s something that I purchase frequently and it has little or no impact on my lifestyle. The process of purchasing this new automobile started with the maintenance cost of my 2005 vehicle. The cost was becoming frequent and very costly to maintain due to it being a foreign vehicle. So my husband I did some research and came to the conclusion that even though there wasn’t a car payment being made the maintenance was just as costly. The amount we were saving on the car payment was being made up by the cost and frequency of repairs being performed on the current vehicle. Either we would continue to pay the intensive car repairs fees that were adding up to months of car payments at one sum or purchase a new automobile that came with a new warranty and just make the car payments. So we decided it would benefit us more to have a newer vehicle and make the monthly payment rather than continue to pay in lump sums for repairs. So we began our search for the vehicle we were interested in and the best financing company. Once we found both of them we went and test drove the vehicle and applied online for the financing. The dealership salesman didn’t really have to do a lot of convincing of me to purchase the car so he got lucky. After receiving and printing out the check we contacted the dealership and notified them of the approval and scheduled time to pick up the car. We arrived at the car dealership checked out the car signed final paperwork and drove off. I felt very confident in the purchase made because of the great financing rate and it was a nice car but I was a little apprehensive about changing from a SUV to a car and...

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