Mother Earth and Me

Topics: Plant, Gardening, Garden Pages: 3 (1209 words) Published: October 26, 2005
Everyone may remember a time in their lives digging around in the sand box, enjoying the innocent pleasures of childhood, and thinking nothing of it. Some people may remember doing more than that; digging around in their own back yard, curiously poking at the earth enriching earthworms, and maybe occasionally helping out mom or dad by digging holes to plant seeds or potted plants. Among so many hobbies that can be taken up and pursued as full time jobs, the entertaining, creative, and therapeutic values of gardening top many other popular occupations for some people. Surprisingly enough, gardening is not always limited to dull activities such as mowing the lawn, blowing leaves, raking, and watering. Even though the activities listed may seem dull to some, others get nothing but pure bliss from such activities and more. For those interested in hobbies that literally dig deep down into mother earth, and allow people to become one with our own Mother Earth, the vast world of gardening can be a mind expanding experience.

Toy company's not only make gardening toys for children to imitate their loving parent's activities, but they make them for children who actually enjoy doing the activities the toys are made for. Hoes, rakes, lawn mowers, and many others can be found in mini yet bulky, brightly colored, plastic forms for the enjoyment of children ages three and up! Although many children do grow out of the countless toys they encounter during their early life, some tend to favor the fabulous toys for years and years. The people who grew up playing and imitating the many different elements of gardening are very happily welcome into the world as full time gardeners. What better people to become gardeners than the people who grew up loving planting and landscaping? Happiness and enjoyment are definitely a huge factor in the success of a self employed gardener. Charles (Chuck) G. Eugene, a professional gardener explains how passing business men and women...
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