Motivation at Panasonic

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Section 1 Brief

1.1 Title of the project

“The economic impacts of multinationals on China” is the title of my investigation. Nowadays China has huge changes in these several decades in economic development or some other aspects. The multinationals played an indispensable role in this change. China now has the great power on trade. In 2004, the Chinese total amount of imports and exports achieved $ 1154.8 billions, which was the third one over the world. The increasing amounts of FDI in China hold the increasingly important status in the ratio of national total production value. Upon the accession to the WTO, China has opened the more policies of the economy to foreign investment. So many investments certainly created some impacts to local business system, such as employment issues, environment and taxes. They would directly influence the specific industries and services sectors, Chinese workers and farmers, and government budget. “跨国公司对中国经济的影响”是我调查的标题。现在中国有巨大的变化在这几十年经济发展或其他方面。跨国公司扮演了一个不可或缺的角色在这个变化。中国现在有伟大的力量在贸易。2004年,中国进出口总额达到美元,1154.8美元在世界第三个。越来越多的外国直接投资在中国的举办越来越重要地位的国家总产值的比例。在加入世界贸易组织,中国已经打开了更多的经济政策对外国投资。所以许多投资当然创建了一些影响本地业务系统,如就业问题、环境和税收。他们会直接影响特定行业和服务行业,中国的工人和农民,和政府预算。 “How culture of IKEA influences its organizational behavior” is the title of my investigation. Nowadays

1.2 Objectives of the project

I would like to evaluate some active and negative aspects impacts that multinationals create to China. And those impacts lead to some advantages and disadvantages that very important to Chinese people and Chinese economy. Some very famous multinationals do really changed Chinese economy in a lot of aspects. These foreign investment also occupy the first, second and third industries over the Chinese market. In this study, I try to explain the main Chinese current economic status, especially the great changes of these economic problems when some big investment happened. It seeks to understand why and how those direct and indirect impacts appeared. A good upstream network and downstream network that happened by these impacts will be also exhibited. 我想评估一些积极和消极方面的影响,跨国公司向中国创造。和这些影响导致一些优点和缺点,非常重要的中国人民和中国经济。一些非常著名的跨国公司做真的改变了中国经济在很多方面。这些外国投资也占据了第一、第二和第三产业在中国市场。在这项研究中,我试图解释中国当前经济的主要地位,尤其是巨大的改变,这些经济问题发生时,一些大的投资。它试图理解为什么和如何直接和间接影响出现。一个好的上游和下游网络发生的网络由这些影响也将展出。 Several sub-objectives would be presented by a guide in this study: 将会提出几个分项由导游在本研究:

1. To analyze the Chinese current policies to multinationals’ economic and invest environment. And introducing the economic background in China. 分析中国当前的政策,跨国公司的经济和投资环境。并介绍在中国的经济背景。 2. Some companies entered into China, some influences also came to there, to the host country. Why these multinationals choose Chinese economic environment to invest. 一些公司进入中国,一些影响也来到那里,对东道国。为什么这些跨国公司选择中国经济环境下投资。 3. How those multinationals made so many transformations to Chinese economy? Which aspects of China were influenced mostly by these companies? Whether these changes are simplex influence in Chinese economy? 这些跨国公司如何让这么多的转换到中国经济?中国的哪些方面的影响主要是通过这些公司?这些变化是否影响中国经济的是单纯的吗? 4. The presentation that how the Chinese economic environment changed in principle when a great foreign investment happened in China. 表示,中国经济环境如何改变原则上当一个伟大的外国投资发生在中国。 1.3 Statement of issues to be investigated

Some issues I need to investigate first are the policies. China has some special policies to the foreign investors. In some given industries and regions, many current favourable policies attract foreign investments largely. And to figure out the aspects of Chinese government make great efforts on. In order to understand fully the Chinese invest environment to these foreign companies, I need to compare the differences of investment environment among several different countries. In this study, some material multinationals would be presented to explain the detailed changes in employment positions, economy, environment, taxes and technology problems. And these famous multinationals could be Coca-Cola and Nike....
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