My Religion

Topics: Christianity, Catholic Church, Apostolic succession Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: October 20, 2010
Eileen John
5- paragraph Essay- Final
October 14th 2010

My Religion

My Religion is defined as a set of beliefs based on the moral codes, being baptized, and the priests who are the center of my church. First of all, being Roman Catholic, I choose to live by the moral codes of the church and the Roman Catholics. There are tons of morals or maybe “rules” within the Church. These moral codes were set way back in the B.C. years. I ask questions to learn how to protect myself from the sin I can commit every day just by being human. My belief is that when death happens, my soul will leave my body just a shell that eventually withers away and will immediately go to heaven and be greeted by God. I also believe that my life now is my actual hell, the place for the so called “damned.” By choosing to not live by what is offered to me daily, I end up burned and not physically, but emotionally. Death will be my heaven. No hate, no pain, and no more suffering. Learning and living by the rules of my religion and the church has offered me a better way of living. Secondly, baptism usually happens within the first year of life. I have two godparents who have enabled my belief in God because they are also children of him and choose to live by the same moral codes. My parents chose them for me because they are also Roman Catholic, they were married in the Catholic Church and of course baptized themselves. Some people say that being baptized offers a person a place in Heaven. I believe I was God’s child at conception and being baptized has only brought me closer to him while waiting for entrance into heaven’s gate. Furthermore, because I was baptized, I entered into believing in those morals/rules set out by God. Finally, for me, the center of my church is the priest. Priests are mainly unmarried men. They have grown up taught with the same beliefs I have. They were altar boys and shadowed alongside the priests to live and learn. Learning to be a priest is no different...
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