Narrative - Cop changing a tire.

Topics: Automobile, Tires, Ohio State Highway Patrol Pages: 2 (712 words) Published: November 23, 2013
It’s a cold day in the middle of November. Rain and hail blistering down, some even the size of quarters. Sitting on the interstate in 4 lanes wide of bumper to bumper backed up traffic; although, the other side is backed up, it’s at least moving. Horns honking, people yelling obscenities - I look to my right and see a raccoon scurry past me searching for shelter. Yeah, traffic is that slow - I haven’t moved an inch in 15 minutes. As my eyes wander to the other side of the highway - I see a Dodge Caravan, motionless in the far right lane. Behind it stands a young woman talking on a cell phone - or should I say screaming. Distress overcomes her face. Wearing a white floral printed sun dress, a wicker large brimmed sun hat, carrying a Coach purse, and holding an umbrella. It’s obvious her plans weren’t to be standing in a downpour. Panic is visual in her actions: failing arms, screaming, complete dismay. The van is leaning to the front-right, one can only assume it’s a flat tire. The wailing sound of sirens clash about, overruling the sounds from traffic. A gray, Dodge Charger Pursuit with an “Ohio State Highway Patrol” sticker on the side pulls up behind the van, leaving the front end of the car slightly out into the right lane. Fear overcomes the woman's face as she hangs up the phone and stands frozen. As the state trooper steps out of his car, she begins walking towards the back of her van. He walks to the woman. He is very prone to talking with his hands flailing about. Suddenly, a hint of shock crosses her face, following by a glimmering smile. Together they walk to the passenger side of the patrol car; the trooper opens the front passenger door of his car, offering her a seat. She closes her umbrella and takes a seat as he lightly shuts the door. Now, I am expecting him to give her a ride somewhere. To my surprise, he lays down on the pavement at the backside of her van and starts feeling around. He stands up and heads towards the back of the patrol car...
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